Al Khayrat Funeral Services provides Muslim funeral service to assist the deceased’s family in making arrangement for the funeral.

Hospital / Home Basic Service Package;
S$1085 Complete services for Adult (above 10 yrs)

This includes:

* Hospital to home service, please add $100

– A Hearse Van with driver for transportation of deceased from Home to cemetery.
– A Certified staff will bring all items required to perform showering and shrouding of decease.
– Imam to perform showering rites / shrouding and solat.
– An air-conditioned bus for family members return trip to cemetery.
– Wooden plank casing (papan long) & headstone (kayu nisan) for burial.
– Registration ofBurial permit shall be done by our dedicated staff. Family members need not apply.


– Ceramic name signboard for deceased.
– Grass carpets for grave.
– Drinks for family.

Note : Registration for burial which is $315 for Adult & $140 for Child using Nets or Cash Card (requirement by NEA) at the Muslim Cemetery Registration Office, is not inclusive of above package.

Do contact Mr Khairul Khalif at 9386 1597 for this 24-hour service.

Ikhwan Services dan Pengurusan Jenazah Al Khayrat menyediakan khidmat pengurusan jenazah untuk membantu keluarga arwah dalam menguruskan jenazah dan mengendalikan pengebumian. Kos pengendalian tertera diatas.

Sila hubungi pihak Saudara Khairul Khalif ditalian 9386 1597 untuk mendapatkan khidmat 24 jam ini.